Trimester 3 Portfolio – HMSAdam **Enjoy It**

Hey everyone! This is my final post of 7th grade. I really enjoyed writing these posts and can’t wait to do it next year! This will be my Trimester 3 Portfolio so enjoy!

Our Language Arts teacher assigned us a debate essay where we were to pick a debatable topic and state our reasoning on one side based on facts and statistics. The minimum word count was 500 and I exceeded that completely so enjoy!

Should we invest more time and money into space research?


We are already investing lots of time and money into space research but should we completely dedicate our time into it? Yes! We know so much about the Earth and so little about space, the galaxy, and the universe. We live in a world of discovery and innovation. We must use our curiosity and turn it into something that can let the human race thrive better than ever. Space will one day become our last option for survival so investing more time and money this early is crucial for the next hundreds of generation’s survival.

One day the Earth will become unsafe for us to live on and we’re going to have to abandon it. That’s why we have to do all we can right now to prevent the destruction of the human race. Our current generation won’t be affected by all of the problems our world’s going to have to face but if we care about the next thousands of generations, we have to do something now. Finding similar planets to Earth or places sustainable for creating civilizations is all we need to do to help the next hundreds of generations. We sent humans to the Moon but compared to Mars that’s nothing. Mars is 34 million miles away and going to Mars might be the next big step into our future. Creating colonies on Mars sustainable for humans to live on is enough.

Now space has clues to the creation of Earth. We made very good guesses on where we came from but we aren’t 100% sure yet. Exploring space can lead us to a better idea and maybe a final answer on where we came from. We just recently got a picture of the black hole which for the longest time was just a theory but with lots of hard work and determination, we were able to prove the existence of the black hole. For the next few centuries, we can probably create lots of different sustainable lifestyles in space. NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope was able to discover many different planets and even one very similar to Earth. That’s exactly the kind of start we need right now so that in the near future we can maybe travel there. People say the sun will either die out and lose all of its heat or burn up so much to the point where it blows up. We’re not sure yet but with research, we can find out.

We live in a world where so much of our money is getting wasted on such useless things like nukes and weapons. Rather than trying to fight we should all work together to explore more. I don’t know if it’s just me but I always wonder what’s up there in space and I’m pretty sure you do too. Humans thrive on curiosity and imagination. All of the nations can be little puzzle pieces but space will conjoin all of us to find our true meaning in life so we can thrive like never before.

Now I understand that some of you think that we already invest so much time and money into space and that we need to focus more on the Earth and what’s here. Us humans have lived on Earth for so long and we’ll discover something amazing but it’ll all lead to space. The center of the Earth, the depths of the oceans, and so many more wonders on earth are all things we can get a better understanding of in space. What good will exploring the oceans do for us humans? We can’t live down there with that much pressure. Yes we do need to take care of our Earth right now but sooner or later it’ll get out of hand and our world will soon be uncontrollable to take care of. With global warming, more droughts, more heatwaves, and the increase in natural disasters our world can be destroyed before we know it. That’s why space is our last option.

Our future can be whatever we want it to be and I know for a fact that we all want it to be the best we can. If we can work together to solve problems of the universe and to let the human race continue to thrive we will go down in history as the beginning of a brand new generation of innovation, discovery, and curiosity. “Space: The final frontier” – Star Trek


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In math class, we had to create a slideshow on Geometric Translations. Click the link to go view it!

In social studies, we had to find facts of where the Polynesians came from. Heyerdahl thought they came from South America and Buck thought they came from Asia so we gathered evidence on both sides to see who’s right. Here’s the link.

In Language Arts, we also had to write a short story or poem on animals and the bond between them and humans.


Peeking out of my little box on the side of the street

What do I see?

A woman and her son looking at me

The boy approaches me eager and excited

Little do I know we’ve been united


He takes me to his home

He gives me a bath

We go to sleep

I think to myself

Is he mine to keep?


I wake up the next day in his comfy bed

Waiting for the boy to scratch my head

I wait and wait for minutes straight

The feeling of abandonedness goes through my head

I hear the door open and footsteps going through the house


I see the boy happily running towards me

In his hand, a bowl, and a bag of food

That completely changed my mood

I run towards him with excitement

He runs towards me with excitement


And at that moment I felt a connection

One that will never create rejection

He opens the bag

Pours some food

Puts me in the happiest mood

A few days later

I’m sitting on my window sill

Happily waiting for my owner to come home

I see him running out of the car with a bag in his hand

He opens the bag and I see a blue monster


I chew and chew happily

He takes my toy

Throws it across the room

I bring it back

We do it over and over again


We’re having the best time ever

A feeling that will last forever

We sit on the couch

Happily Cuddling

I felt love going through my body


Years later I wake up

We go in the car

I walk in a building with my family

Feeling a lot of animal hospitality

I sit on a table


A woman approaches me

Examines my body

Talks to my family

I see them very concerned

My best friend hugs me


I wake up in a bed

Not my bed

I see all these weird machines around me

I feel weak and tired

A woman comes in with my family


My best friend comes running towards me

Hugs me

He brings the blue monster that created our bond years ago

Lays it next to me and says, “Here you go.”

I turn my head towards the monster


I knew something wasn’t right

But this bond that we have made me feel alright

I close my eyes

He gives me a big hug then walks away

I close my eyes as my mind fades away.



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Detective Pikachu Review – HMSAdam **Enjoy It**

Hey everyone! This will be my second post of the month and I will be doing a review on Detective Pikachu. Enjoy!

So I’ve been the biggest Pokemon fan my whole life and when I heard this movie was going to come out I was sooooooo excited. I just have to say, Ryan Reynolds is perfect for Pikachu. In this movie, Pikachu is goofy and has lots of humor like Ryan Reynolds. I watched it as soon as it came out and it was an absolute masterpiece. If you haven’t watched it you really should cause it was just so fun. Also, beware of spoilers in this review.

So Detective Pikachu is based on the hit game Detective Pikachu on the 3DS. The game was similar to the movie where you have to work with Pikachu, find clues to where your dad is, and solve puzzles. The story takes place in Rhyme City in the Sinnoh Region. It’s similar to New York in a way. Very busy and really tall skyscrapers but there was also a bit of a countryside which also resembled part of New York. The story is based on a boy who’s dad is allegedly dead but the father’s partner, Pikachu, is still alive. With the help of Pikachu, they work together to try to find clues to the whereabouts of his dad. There’s a surprise ending I don’t want to spoil because it was just soooooo epic and I wouldn’t want that spoiled to me.

I give this movie a definite 5/5 because it was just so entertaining and I’ve been wanting a live-action Pokemon movie since I was little. Hopefully, they’ll make more live-action Pokemon movies because that will be absolutely amazing. This could be just the start of live action Pokemon movies and maybe we can get other BIG actors in it? Who knows but if you want to check out another review on Detective Pikachu, check out IMDb’s review. If you want to check out the video game here’s a link.

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Avengers End Game Review! – HMSAdam **Enjoy It**

Hey everyone! I’m back with my first post for the month. This month we have to write 2 free choice posts and one-trimester portfolio post. I will be doing a movie review on Avengers End Game. Also, there are spoilers in this post so beware…

So I watched EndGame about a week after it came out and I, unfortunately, got it spoiled. I thought the spoiler would completely ruin the movie for me but it was still a great movie. The deaths were unpredictable and very interesting but I still think it was a great ending for all the Marvel movies up to this point. So every Marvel movie besides Deadpool and X-men were leading up to this final movie. The marvel movies slowly started to merge together and then came out of this masterpiece. It was a 3-hour movie and the last hour felt like a whole nother movie. The final fight was just sooooooo good.

I wasn’t the biggest Avengers fan but I knew the story pretty well and they really did end it well. I loved superheroes since I was really little and I loved watching the progress through the Marvel films up to this point. So my favorite Avenger is and always will be Spiderman. He was my favorite superhero since I was little and still is. I’m glad he didn’t die and I really don’t care that Iron Man and Black Widow died. Robert Downey Jr. is getting old and it was time that his legendary character came to an end.

Overall the movie is a 9/10 because it did have some filler but not enough for me to hate it. I wouldn’t say it was the best movie ever but it’s definitely in the top 10. There are leaks of a box set of every single Marvel movie ever and that might be one of the greatest things ever. Captain Marvel is useless in the movie by the way and she’s powerful but does nothing in the movie. All of you guys should go ahead and watch the movie because it was really good.

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Conan: Case Closed Review! – HMSAdam **Enjoy It**

Hey everyone! I’m back with my final post of April and I will be reviewing the anime Conan: Case Closed! Enjoy!

So as a child, I used to ALWAYS watch Conan. Every day when I came home from school I would go on the TV and watch it and still to this day I enjoy watching it. This was one of the first ever anime I’ve watched and one of my definite favorites. I even read most of the manga because it’s that good! This anime is definitely different so that’s why so many people enjoy it.

So the story is based on a high school genius who is also a part-time detective. Some unknown person gives him a certain chemical that turns him into a little boy. He still solves mysteries and different cases but no one knows who turned him into a kid. Every episode is a different case like a murder or a robbery. As long as you know why he’s a kid you can start watching it or even reading it from any episode/volume. It’s a very serious fun anime that many people enjoy and so would you!

There are almost 1000 episodes and 24 movies including the crossover with Lupin the 3rd. It’s a very amusing famous anime and I definitely recommend you to watch it. If you’re looking for a very normal, serious, realistic anime Conan: Case Closed is for you. You can find about 200 episodes on Crunchyroll. Here are some reviews of Conan: Case Closed.

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Adam Haidar

Sea of Thieves Review PT. 2! – HMSAdam **Enjoy It**

Hi everyone! This is the third post for my 4 April Posts. I will be doing a review on the game Sea of Thieves. Enjoy!

So I have been playing so much Sea of Thieves lately. I’m truly addicted. I play with one of my friends during all of my free time. I did a review on Sea of Thieves a pretty long time ago so this will be part two because the game has been updated a lot. This game is a very new concept compared to what other game companies ideas of good games are so I truly enjoy it because it’s something really different. This game is only on Xbox but you can buy it on your computer with the Xbox app and play there. Here’s the link to their website if you want to check it out for more information.

Now the game takes place on the seas! You’re a pirate searching for treasure. You buy treasure maps, sail to an island, find the chests, then sell it for gold. You can fight skeletons, take their skulls, then sell it for gold. Lastly, you can catch animals and sell them for gold. Every chest, skull, animal you sell, you get reputation. Once all 3 of your classes rank to reputation 50 you become a pirate legend. Becoming a Pirate Legend takes A LOT of hard work and determination. I play this game all the time and I’m at 36, 37, and 29. Sea of Thieves is a complete free-roam game. You chose what you want to do. My friends and I have a lot of friends that are Pirate Legends so they drop missions for us so we can get better loot.

I rate this game a 5/5 because of how fun and different it is. But they need to stop adding crazy things into this game that make this game bad. The new update to this game comes out tomorrow! It’s the 1-year anniversary of this game and I’m so excited! There’s a new Arena mode where you can fight ships in a mini ocean. There is also a new mission that can get you more loot than anything else. You have to fight the ultimate skeleton boss and it’s about a 3-hour mission so it’s going to be REALLY fun. I’m so excited! You don’t even understand… I play this game all of the time since last year and I know that this summer I’m going to be a Pirate Legend.

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Kuroko no Basuke The Movie Review – HMSAdam **Enjoy It**

Hey everyone! I’m back with my second post of the month and going to be reviewing the Kuroko no Basuke movie. Enjoy!

For those of you who don’t know, Kuroko no Basuke is a basketball anime and one of the best sports anime ever. I watched it for a pretty long time and I absolutely love it. Here’s some background on what the anime is about. So there was a middle school who had a team of eighth-graders that was unstoppable. They were called the Generation of Miracles. For high school, they all went their separate ways. The story is based on a boy named Kuroko who was a member of the Generation of Miracles. But nobody knew who he was. He was short, skinny, scrawny, and bad at basketball. But later on, he becomes a vital part of the team. He’s a shadow. He creates invisible passes and is the man behind the scenes during the games. They compete with other high school teams in the Winter Cup. All of the Generation of Miracles compete on different teams. Kuroko’s team ends up winning and becoming the best in Japan.

Now the movie takes place after the winter cup. A team from America comes and crushes the team that was supposed to play them. They made fun of the Japanese and said they were in no place to play basketball. Japan gets mad and creates a team full of the Generation of Miracles. Now reunited they play them in an intense game. Usually Kuroko no Basuke has a lot of filler but there wasn’t any. Something was going on every second of the movie and that’s why it was amazing. The one thing that makes this anime a masterpiece is the characters. They all have different color hair and names based on the color of their hair. Akashi, the red-haired point guard who can predict his opponents moves. Aoimine, the strong forward who has different power moves and is basically unstoppable. Kise, can copy his opponent’s moves and make it even better when playing. Midorima, the shooting guard who has never missed a shot ever. Murasakibara, the strong center who becomes a huge hurdle for any team. Lastly Kagami, the Japanese boy from America and a very strong forward like Aoimine. In this epic battle, America has some tricks up their sleeve but in the end, Japan takes home the crown and wins.

I really enjoyed this movie and I really do recommend it to you. But first, you should watch the anime because it’s also really good. I rate this movie a 5/5 because I just didn’t get bored and it was very enjoyable. You can watch it on Crunchyroll if you have premium as well as the tv series. This is my favorite and a fan-favorite sports anime so if you are interested in basketball watch it. IMDb gave it an 8/10 so if you can check out their review.

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Anohana review! – HMSAdam **Enjoy It**

Hey everyone! I’m back with my first post for the month. This will be a review of a really good anime called Anohana. Enjoy!

I recently watched Anohana and I have honestly been blessed with a masterpiece of an anime. I heard it was good but I didn’t think it would be this good. There are 11 episodes and I wish there were more. Everything about Anohana is amazing. The music, voice actors, animation, and don’t even get me started on the story. I absolutely recommend you to watch it. Leave edublogs, go to Crunchyroll, get tissues, and get ready to go on an adventure.

Now here’s what this masterpiece is about. 6 kids were friends since they were little. They played together all the time and were just normal kids. One day a tragic accident happens and one of the girls dies, Menma. All of the kids drift apart and go their separate ways pretending this never happened. 4 of the 5 kids forgot about here and decided to just live on with their lives. One of the boys quit school and played games all day depressed. He starts hallucinating about her and decides to try to contact his old friends to ask what’s happening. A miraculous reunition happens when they all try to work together to solve what her wish is so it can be granted. The sad ending left me in tears and almost anyone else who watches it. It was truly a masterpiece.

I definitely rate it a 10/5 because it was that good. I usually watch a lot of fantasy anime and watching this made me get a better loving for realistic-fiction. They made a live-action movie on Anohana and it’s TRASH! I think it was very low-budget and lazily made but the anime is where it’s at. If you ever have free time just watch it! You will 100% enjoy it.

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Movie Review! – HMSAdam *Enjoy It*

Hey everyone! I’m back with my final post for this month and it will be on the movie Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindlewald. Enjoy!

So just today I watched the movie Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindlewald and it wasn’t even that bad. Being a big Harry Potter fan I enjoyed it. Having lots of old characters than having a lot of new ones introduced it was quite spectacular. This movie was more of an explanation for everything that happened in past movies and it was one heck of a ride. I didn’t want to miss anything in the movie. Watch out for spoilers.

So this movie focuses on Newt Scamander. A wizard obsessed with strange creatures. Sent on missions by none other than Albus Dumbledore the movie really played it well. It explains so much about who Newt is or who Dumbledore is. Some characters from the past Fantastic Beasts movie reappeared and so many unexpected twists and turns. The strange boy in the first movie is actually related to Dumbledore and Grindelwald was really close friends with Dumbledore. All of these twists were very unexpected and very confusing.

I give this movie a 5/5 because of how much time and effort that was put together to make this masterpiece. This movie definitely lived up to expectations. I hope the next movie in the Harry Potter series is as good as this one if not better. Rotten Tomatoes reviewed this movie and didn’t get that good feedback. Here are MetaCritic’s review on the movie.

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Anime Review! – HMSAdam **Enjoy It**

Hey everyone! I’m back with my second monthly post and this one will be on an anime called The Promised Neverland. Enjoy!

Let me start off by saying The Promised Neverland is one of the best anime ever. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted all of the different plot twists that happened in this series because I definitely didn’t. Every single character in this book has there own unique personality that you’ll love so you get to know every single character inside and out. You can feel all of the pain and suffering the characters go through because of how far the writers go. I’m going to be talking about what happens in the story so leave if you don’t want spoilers.

The story takes place in a little foster home in a forest where there are many kids and a mother. They live normal lives, playing around, doing chores, and having fun. They live in a gated area and they have no clue what happens in the outside world. All of the kids know that at one point they’re going to have to get adopted to a new family and leave the house. So as expected a little girl got adopted and had to leave the home. Saying her goodbyes she left the house with the mother of the house to the gate. But she left her favorite toy so two kids chased her to give her toy back to her. They went to the gate and found something no one would have ever expected. The little girl’s body in the trunk of the truck. Scared and nervous they hid under the truck after hearing something and found two demon like creatures taking the body and negotiating with the mom about who’s next. The kids run back traumatized.

The two main characters Norman and Emma tell only Ray and they create an escape plan because they know once they’re adopted, they die. They find out all of the secrets of the house and what happens so they’re escape plan can go as planned. The mother of the house realizes that the kids know the secret somehow so the kids suspect a spy. The spy was none other than Ray. One of the most trusted kids here and now working for the mother. Ray becomes a double agent for the kids and sadly Norman gets shipped so it’s all up to Emma and Ray to escape and be free from this wicked world. I give this anime a 5/5 for having such a good story with so many unexpected plot twists.

If you want to watch The Promised Neverland for free check out Crunchyroll my favorite anime streaming system. Here are the impressive Crunchyroll reviews for The Promised Neverland.

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FarCry New Dawn Review! – HMSAdam **Enjoy It**

Hey everyone! I’m back with another post and this month we have to write 3 great posts about whatever we want. To start things off I’m going to write a game review on FarCry New Dawn. Enjoy!

Every year Ubisoft comes out with a new FarCry game and they’re honestly all really good. My favorite one is FarCry 5 because I get that feeling of being free to do whatever I want but still at the same time obliged to complete the campaign and to get through the story. As a FarCry fan, I have big expectations for every game and New Dawn filled most of the requirements to be a good game. I didn’t have as much freedom as I would like but it was enough to pass. The story was really short but it was quite entertaining so it passes. And the combat was probably one of the best because it was more advanced than other FarCry games so that’s a big pass. Overall the game wasn’t even that bad.

Now all FarCry games have a similar objective. Your world has been taken over by enemies and you have to fight back to get it. You take over enemy territory, find specialists to help you on your journey, solving clues to find treasure stashes get money to craft or buy new weapons, all while completing the campaign. New Dawn takes place after FarCry 5 and technically is a sequel. You see friends and enemies from FarCry 5 and also meet new ones. I knew I had to get this game because I was so emersed in the FarCry 5 storyline that I wanted more and that’s exactly what New Dawn provided me. Many plot twists that I did not expect.

I give FarCry New Dawn an 8/10 because I wanted more. IGN gave New Dawn a 7.5/10 because they thought of it as a worse version of FarCry New Dawn and I can somewhat agree with that. Ubisoft did lower the price of this game from 60$ to 40$ because they already knew that this wasn’t going to be a best-seller like previous games. My friends and I enjoyed playing it but if I were to recommend a FarCry game it would be FarCry 5 because it’s honestly so well made, a definite masterpiece, and cheaper.

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